Sunday, July 31, 2011

What To Do With A Pile Of Extra Bricks

If you are like me or any other gardener, you probably have a pile of mismatched bricks laying around.   One easy project is to take your bricks and a little sand to make a small sitting area.  This design is made right into a extra wide flower bed that my customer preferred to be low maintenace.  To the recsue, a pile of unused and unwanted bricks to make a great statement and an inviting area to her yard.

You can get as creative as you want.  I have done in the past, a checkerboard pattern with my brick with clups of ground cover inbetween to sit a  long rectangler bench on when I had only a hand full of bricks to work with.  I have even used discarded mismatched floor tile glued on top of chipped and stained 12x12 contrete pavers which the 12x12 tile fit perfect on top of.   Nothing easier than that!

With the hot dry days this will give you something fun to do and a chance to get your hands dirty while we hope and pray for rain and cooler days.

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  1. Love that circular patio/sitting area. I have a few old bricks, but don't think there's enough to do anything with.