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Image by Ochir-Erdene Oyunmedeg



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How Our Program Works

  1. We automatically come to your home or business 3 or 4 times a year to apply our organic fertilizer or, if appropriate, our chemical fertilizer Bonide program.

  2. This is by far, the best deal in McLennan County. You pay the same price as our customers who walk in and buy the same bag of fertilizer in our store. In addition, with our chemical program, we add on a $9.00 per trip fuel surcharge. — Not $9.00 per bag — Just $9.00 per trip — 2 bags or 20 bags, just $9.00 total add-on. For our organic program, $9.00 per trip fuel surcharge + $4.00 per bag application charge.

  3. There is no contract to sign! Just call us should you decide to cancel the service. This does not happen often (unless you are moving), because of the result that you receive and the value that Greenlife delivers.

  4. You don’t pay us until after we apply your fertilizer.

  5. You do not have to be home.

  6. We can apply grub worm & chinch bug & flea killer as well as systemic fungicide to your lawn, upon your request.

  7. Our bags of fertilizer cover a full 5,000 sq. ft. (not 2,500 sq. ft.) Compare before you buy. Our granular products are applied in a more consistent and even manner than what the “spray fertilizer companies” can offer.

  8. This program in not a “magic cure all”. If your lawn is mostly weeds or mostly dead, you will be disappointed with our program (and anyone’s program) . Our annual fertilizer service is an excellent tool to increase the health, vigor and winter hardiness of your lawn. The products that we use are not only safe for your tree and shrubs, they feed your trees and shrubs.

  9. Price example of a 2 bag chemical fertilizer treatment:
    • 2 bags x $34.99 + $9.00 fuel surcharge = $78.98 + tax for each treatment.
    That is correct, $78.98 for 2 bags and we do all the work.


*Our minimum application is 2 bags.

Call Greenlife Nursery and Landscaping at 254-776-2400 or stop by our store to take advantage of this excellent value in lawn fertilization.

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