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Our Nursery 

  1. Our plants and flowers are the freshest because they don’t sit around for long at Greenlife. Quick turnover = fresh plants.

  2. We go direct to the growers to hand select the highest quality shrubs available…about 12 times a year. Our 3 gallon shrub prices are usually cheaper and the plants are larger than what the “big box stores” offer. We also take the time to water our plants daily.

  3. Our Chef Jeff vegetables give you a quicker start and superior results from your garden.

  4. We attend field trials at Dallas Arboretum to learn of the newest, high performance annual and perennial flower hybrids. Greenlife strives to bring these new plants to the Waco market first.

  5. Greenlife buys pottery by the full container load from around the world. We have the newest finishes and styles. Our ancient old—world selection is hot, hot, right now. You will see large and x-large sizes that are difficult to find elsewhere. Biggest pottery selection within 100 miles.

  6. When you choose Greenlife for your landscaping, we will show you the actual plants here at our fully stocked nursery. . .not a picture out of some catalog.

  7. Greenlife has the largest selection of ORGANIC plant foods and ORGANIC solutions in town. Safe for your children, safe for your pets. After all, GREEN has been in our name before green was cool. . .30 years now.

  8. Free cold bottled water while you shop. Where else but Greenlife?

  9. Great quality + aggressive pricing = value.

  10. Our knowledgeable staff is eager to help you.

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