Saturday, March 9, 2013

Fountain Planter

This is one of our new fountains that a client purchased to place on her property.  She was looking for a focal point when entering her driveway.  I felt the fountain just placed on the ground would be lost, so I designed a stone planter to set the fountain in.  I do have plans to set a natural stone beam bench behind the fountain.  You can see it setting on the ground by the tree.
A little more tweaking and we will be done. I plan to line the front of the metal edging with natural
chop block and add a back drop of knock out roses.
If you are installing a fountain, I recommend a outlet with a electric eye that will shut the fountain off during evening hours.  If you want the fountain on in the evening, I would uplight it and have a optional on/off switch for evening hours.  It is not necessary to have water plumbed to the fountain.  Although,  we do install water level devices on some fountains where there are issues in filling the bowls or if the fountain has a shallow bowl where the wind will blow the water out. 
One question I get asked often is 'do fountains attract mosquitos'.  Normally, with running water that is not a issue.  If you are concerned, I recommend mosquito dunks.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dry Stacked Natural Stone Staircase

This a staircase we just finished on a very long steep hill that became very difficult to mow.  Also, due to the shade problem the grass was starting to die making a big muddy mess.  The hill became hard to manage and maneuver. 

So, the answer to this problem was to lay drystack stone to form a staircase.

It looks like it was meant to be there.  A great natural addition to this beautiful yard.




Saturday, July 14, 2012

Newest Landscape - Low maintenance Water Wise

This is a commerical property we just finished.  As you see in the before picture it is very overgrown and no rhyme or reason.

I decided the property needed a little curb appeal and add some hardscaping to keep down maintenance.  We had fun with this one.

I love the way it looks from inside the dining room.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

....and we have more container gardens

I do not know why, but every time I make something I create the biggest messes.  It takes me longer to clean up than to make my pots.  But, I sure do love making color bowls for my customers.  My staff usually feels sorry for me and all pitch in and help clean up.

Here we have them all boxed up and ready to delivery just in time for the party!
Glad I have some strong guys to carry this planter and set it in place
and these planters too!
placed just in time for the party to begin
All this planting and moving just wore poor Esperanza out and me too!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

More Containers!!! Part 2

I am on a roll with my containers. 

Moonlight Container

The Cast:
Dwarf Pringles Yew
Cuban Oregano
White Strap Caladium
Asparagus Fern
Trailing Periwinkle

Container Gardening - New Designs

One of my favorite things about spring is getting to redo all my clients containers.  Here are a few from last week. These containers were done for a shady yard with a little sun here and there.  Enjoy!
My favorite!!!!
My 2nd favorite!!!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Disappearing Fountain and Container Gardens

We are now restocked with pots, pumps, etc. to make your disappearing fountains and container gardens for spring or call Debby at (254) 776-2400 for a estimate to install at your home.

New Lanscape

Our newest lanscape - A patio retreat 


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Little Planning Goes A Long Way

This home landscape is what we call a 'builders special'.  Meaning, a spec house with little landscape budget being installed with no consideration to proper placement of plant material, only to make the house look good to sell.  Many times I see this over and over, leaving the new unsuspecting home buyer with the task and expense of redoing an ill planned landscape.  This landscape is only 2 years old and about to get out of hand.  Left untrimmed, the yews alone would have covered the entranced to the front door.
 Notice the Japenese Yew and the Knockout Roses by the front entry columns.  Japanese Yews can grow 20 feet tall with equal width.  The Knockout Roses will grow 4 to 5 feet tall and wide.  For some reason, this is a favorite plant to be planted in front of 2 feet wide columns at spec homes.  Also, behind the privets were rows of dwarf yaupon hollies.  We removed the privets to reveal the yaupons.
 We took out the large growing shrubs and planted them in the back yard, so they could grow to their full mature size.

We planted a diamond trellis Yaupon here to allow the client access to their faucet and accent the inset wall.